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Skin is home..


One time use facial kits that can be used anywhere with a customized purpose and steps for effective results

Dr Costi

A Lebanese Cosmetic and surgical Dermatologist, has been working in the region for more than 15 years, trying to master the art of his craft. His clinical experience was completed at prominent international medical schools and clinics in the United States and Germany, such as Harvard. School of Medicine, Yale Medical School, Cleveland Clinic and Johns Hopkins Medical School, and Urticaria and Skin Allergy Clinic’s Charite.

Abdulla Al Abdulla

Is a social media influencer from Qatar, owner of Abdullah Al Abdullah Fragrances, Skincare, and a fashion model for the biggest brands in the world. Abdullah He's been featured in Fendi, Dior, vogue magazine, hosted his own master class. Now, he started to explore and expand in the skincare industry to provide solutions for skin struggles through his Kits.


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